Delegating to grow your business

Growing Your Business By Delegating (+ Tips for What to Delegate!)

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Delegating is an important business strategy. As I’m sure all small business owners and entrepreneurs know, there is a lot that needs to be done and not a whole lot of time to do it. Of course when you are first starting out, it makes sense that you are doing everything yourself. It’s also an important way to understand the ins and outs of your business and to really shape the direction of where you are heading. But as you grow, it’s necessary and beneficial to start growing your team. There are only so many hours in a given day and you’ll need to decide what to spend your time on!

Delegating for successDecide the value of your time.

One of the first key strategies is to decide the value of your time. Sure you might be able to handle everything yourself in your business, but what is the cost of doing so? Does it mean some things fall through the cracks? Does it mean less time spent with your family? Or maybe it means you are constantly stressed out + overwhelmed?

Delegating is a personal decision. But each small business owner and entrepreneur will need to decide at some point where their time is best spent. You may find that it may be a better financial decision to outsource some tasks so that you can take on more tasks that bring in more income. For example, you may hire someone to take over your social media because it is not directly bringing you income so that you can take that time and dedicate more time to client work. By doing this you may be able to take on an additional client, which would increase your income. Or maybe you delegate some tasks so that you have more time to spend with your family.

Tip: take a couple of days one week to outline everything you are doing.

Every little thing. Write it down. Then organize it into categories (bookkeeping, marketing, content creation, social media, etc). This will help you to see exactly where you are spending your time. You can use a tool like Toggl to track your time to help you see where you are spending it.

Think about which tasks you dread.

Being a small business owner often means you’re doing a variety of different tasks. You’re in bookkeeping, marketing, social media, customer service, content creation, organization, website development, etc. Which of these tasks do you not like to do? Or which tasks do you often procrastinate? It may be beneficial to delegate some of these things, because there are people out there that love to do the tasks you dread. Constantly spinning your wheels and doing tasks you dread can lead to burnout.

Delegating is a way to grow your business.

By delegating some tasks and letting some experts into your business, can help you grow your business faster than you may be able to do so on your own. If you are able to hire an expert they can help provide some valuable insight and skills that you may not have developed on your own.

So what types of things can you delegate?

If you created a list as mentioned above, that’s a great place to start! But if you’re looking for some ideas, check out the list below!

Delegating to grow your business

Social Media
  • Finding social media content. Finding content created by other’s that is relevant to your business to share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Scheduling social media content. This can be in addition to finding the content. Or if you would still rather have your hand in finding the content, you can hire someone to schedule it.
  • Responding and interacting on social media. Take responding to replies and messages off your hand. Or increase interaction by having someone respond when it’s appropriate!
Blogging + Websites
  • Blog post writing. Writing weekly or monthly blog posts for your business.
  • Editing and revising blog posts. If you still want to write the blog posts, you can hire someone to put them in WordPress, edit them, revise them, categorize them, choose the tags, assign the featured image, and work on SEO (through a plugin like Yoast).
  • Blog posts graphics. In addition to the above (or not!), you can hire someone to create your blog post graphics.
  • Website updates. Find someone who knows WordPress or Squarespace like the back of their hand. Hire them to take care of backing up your site, updating plugins, and updating the software so you don’t even have to think about doing it!
  • Website design. If you designed your website yourself, you can hire someone to help you make little tweaks to make it more of your own! Sure you may know how to do the basics, but hiring an expert can help maximize your site to work best for you.
Administrative Tasks
  • Do you use YouTube? You can have someone go in and type in your closed captions.
  • Research. This is a broad topic. But you can hire someone to research potential clients, software, best practices. Basically if you are spending time combing through blogs and websites finding information, someone else can be doing that for you and type you up a nice little summary of findings.
  • Email management. Do you often receive some of the same questions? You can have someone by helping you to respond to these inquires. They can also help you organize your inbox so that the most important emails are the only ones you are having to respond to.
  • Reach out to potential collaborations. Are you working with a variety of other businesses and small business owners? You can hire someone to reach out to them and handling the scheduling. That way you only have to decide on the final details.
  • Email templates. Do you often send out similar emails? You can hire someone to create a variety of different email templates for you to use.
  • Setting up a newsletter. You can have someone create a weekly newsletter for you. Either the whole process from creation to sending it, or just part of the portion in between. 
Business Goals + Launches
  • Business strategy. Unsure where to take your business next? Need someone who isn’t as intimately involved to take a look and provide some suggestions?
  • Accountability. You can have someone help to create your weekly to do list and make sure it gets done.
  • Data entry. Do you have data that you need entered into a specific program? Done.
  • Data analysis. Did you send out a reader or client survey and need someone to just pull together all the data and give you the more important results? 
  • Getting ready to have a big launch? You can bring someone on for the short term to help you with all those little things that need to get done!