Tools I use as a virtual assistant: Google Calendar

Tools I Use as a Virtual Assistant: Google Calendar

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I’m a fan of pretty much every Google product. Drive, Docs, Calendar, Chrome, Voice. You name it. Seriously, I think their suite of products is one of my favorites. Plus having things all connected and easily accessible is a bonus. Their apps on the iPhone are so useful!

One of the ones I’ve been using a lot lately with my clients is Google Calendar. I’m sharing a few different ways I use it with clients + some of my favorite tips!

Tools I use as a virtual assistant: Google Calendar

1) Team organization in Google Calendar

For one of my clients I act as an online business manager. This has meant that I help to keep all the moving parts organized. We use Google Calendar to share events with one another and make sure everyone is on the right page. Every time someone mentions a date – whether it’s a launch date, a webinar, or even just our weekly team meetings – I add them to Google Calendar so they are easily accessible. Their calendar is also easily shareable with other Google Accounts – which means everyone can have access to the events! 

Plus you can color code each event. Tip: choose a color for each type of event (webinar, team meeting, coffee date, launch, etc.). This way at a glance you can see what types of events are happening when.

Tools I use as a virtual assistant: google calendar

2) Social media content calendar.

For one of my clients, I create + manage her social media content calendar. So, I created a new calendar just for her social media content and shared it with her. The event title is the type of social media post (is it a question post? referring to a blog post? newsletter? etc). For each of her posts I create a graphic and a little bit of text to share. In the description, I write down exactly what quote of hers I’m going to use and the text that will be accompany the quote. Once I have created the social media graphic, I add it as an attachment to the event. This way, when I let her know that I have the content calendar done for the month – she can go to each “event” and approve each one.

One of my favorite features is directly linking to the graphic, so it doesn’t get lost. Plus anything you link automatically gets added to your Google Drive for online storage (perfect backup copy!).

Tools I use as a virtual assistant: google calendar

3) Linked to Calendly for ease of scheduling.

You may have heard me talk about Calendly before. It makes scheduling any meetings over the phone a BREEZE. Mine is connected to my Google Calendar. So anytime anyone schedules anything through my Calendly link, it automatically gets added to my Calendar. Plus, if I personally schedule something in my Google Calendar, the amount of time that I’m busy immediately gets taken out of my Calendly availability. So no double booking!

Any hey, if you wanna schedule a time to chat on the phone (for a coffee date, an initial discovery call, or just to chat – you can do that here!)


Do you use Google Calendar? I would love to hear what some of your favorite features are!