Tools I use as a virtual assistant: calendly

Tools I Use as a Virtual Assistant: Calendly

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I want to share another tool I love using in my Virtual Assistant business. Calendly. It’s a scheduling tool that helps to relieve so many headaches. Have you ever had an email chain back and forth with someone trying to figure out the best time and day to chat? With people’s busy schedules, it can oftentimes take a few tries before you narrow down a time. Which means several emails and time spent waiting for the other person to respond. While this may not be a big deal if you’re only trying to schedule a meeting every now and then, when you’re scheduling multiple meetings per week, it’s helpful to streamline the process.

Which is where Calendly comes in.

Tools I use as a virtual assistant: calendly

Calendly is super easy to use. Which is a huge plus. It’s an easy interface and makes scheduling meetings and events a breeze (for both parties) It connects with your calendar (like Google, Outlook, or iCal) so there’s no double booking with other events on your calendar. You can set the times that you are available for appointments (ie: 7am-2pm or 10am-4pm). Whatever works for you. You can also choose the length of the appointment – whether that’s 15, 30, or 45 minutes.

Tools I use as a virtual assistant - calendly example

For example, this is what it looks like when someone clicks on my Calendly link. They are sent to a homepage with my name, photo, and a brief note. I only have the 30 minute meeting activated on my account right now. With paid memberships, you can add additional options. Also, the labels for these meeting types can be customized. So for example, if you want to have them labeled as discovery calls, you can do that!

Once a meeting type has been selected, you can see the dates and times available.

Using Calendly as a Virtual Assistant Options of Days Using Calendly as a Virtual Assistant Options of Times

Once they’ve chosen a date and time, they will get a confirmation page where they can add in their information. This is where I collect their name, email, phone number, and business. You can also ask additional questions if you think they may be applicable.

Calendly collecting details page

And that’s it! On my end, I’ll get an email in my inbox & an event on my calendar that let me know an event has been scheduled with all the details I need.

Some of my favorite features of Calendly.

  • Buffer time. I don’t like having back to back meetings without a chance to regroup, so I have my calendar set so there is a 15 minute before and after each meeting.
  • Maximum number of events in a day. Personally I don’t like days packed full of meetings, I like to spread them out throughout the week. I have my schedule set such that only 3 meetings can be scheduled for any given day. Once 3 meetings have been scheduled, when anyone else tries to go in and book that day will no longer appear on the calendar as an option.
  • Minimum scheduling notice. I’m a planner. Which means I don’t like this popping up without time to prepare. So I don’t want to get a notification that I have a meeting in 15 minutes when I was previously unaware of it. Thankfully, I can set my calendar such that no meetings can be booked sooner than 8 hours out.
  • Time zone conversion. This happens automatically. It’ll show them times in their time zone and I’ll get notifications in mine. No worrying about figuring that out!

These can all be found when editing an event (many of them in the advanced settings).

calendly favorite features

Do you use anything to currently help you with scheduling meetings?