Using Instagram for Business

Using Instagram Stories for Business

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One of Instagram’s latest updates is the Stories feature.

Now if you’ve used Snapchat, you’ll notice it seems fairly similar. The basic idea is you upload a photo or video to the platform and it’s only available for a certain amount of time. It’s great for things you want to share but you don’t necessarily need or want a permanent record of. So how can this feature be beneficial for your business?

If you’ve already been using Snapchat, you’ll have an idea of what has been working for you. But unlike using Snapchat, you already have followers over on Instagram, so you won’t have to work on building a new following! That’s a win-win.

Using Instagram for Business

But what content should you be sharing? Here’s a list of ideas.

1) Behind the scenes content. Do you offer a physical product? Take some photos or videos of how you make your product, what supplies you use, your process, etc. It helps your followers to not only know what you make, but the effort and expertise that goes into making it. Or maybe you’re a service based business. You can still show how you connect with clients and the behind the scenes work that you do. I always love following “a day in the life” stories. So take a day and every couple of hours share what you are up to.

2) What goes into an Instagram photo? Do you have a great idea for an Instagram photo that takes a little more prep than a simple point and shoot? Take videos of how you’re making that photo. Show what props you’re using, what supplies are involved, how you’re setting up lighting, etc. It helps your feed to feel a little more realistic, because people know there’s a real person putting in real effort behind those little squares.

3) Do you have co-workers or teammates? Interview them. Ask each of them one simple question and make them answer in 5 seconds or less. It’s a great way for your followers to get to know your team a little better in a fun way. Or if it is appropriate for your business, interview some of your customers and clients and let them share something on their heart!

Here’s a few more!

4) Do you have fellow business owners or Instagrammers take over your account periodically? Some membership based businesses or larger companies do this to allow followers get to know different parts of their business better. If you do, encourage those individuals who take over your Instagram to also use the Stories feature.

5) Are your Instagram photos mainly professional or business based? If you want to start sharing more personal information, start sharing more about you, your family, and your office in the Stories feature! Since it’s not a permanent record of your Instagram, you won’t be interfering with your Instagram theme but you can still share some personal details.

Once you start using Stories, watch your Insights.

This will allow you to see how many people are viewing your story. Keep track of what time you posted, how many people watched, who was watching, etc. You can gain valuable insight into what may be working and what you may need to tweak a bit!

Are you already using the Stories feature? What other tips would you add?