I’m so glad you found your way to my corner of the internet. My name is Sarah and I’m the Virtual Assistant behind Joyfully Organized. My goal is to assist bloggers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and everyone in between pursue their dreams for their business. I want to come alongside creatives and help ease some of the everyday stresses of life.


I am one who thrives on organization – color coding, making folders, responding to e-mails, scheduling meetings, proofreading, and researching. I want to provide these services so your business can focus more of your energy on the tasks you love and the tasks directly associated with their income.


Want to know more about why you should hire a VA? Working virtually allows for tailoring of services to the client. Clients may only need help on a short term project where they don’t want to hire a full-time permanent employee or clients may want someone to work in depth with them for an extended period of time. Working with a virtual assistant also means you can work with someone across the country, because collaboration occurs online.


A Virtual Assistant can help you with a variety of tasks to help make your life a little more simpler. Check out some of the services I offer here


Curious about how a Virtual Assistant works? I would love to talk with you more specifically about my process! But in a nutshell, a VA is a contract employee. What does this mean for you? This means you can hire a VA for one hour a week or 20. And your commitment could change week to week. Or maybe you hire a VA for assistance on just one project. Also, you simply pay a flat rate. The VA covers everything else on their end. If you work with a VA consistently throughout the year, there might be some additional tax paperwork. But it’s fairly painless, I promise. 


What are the benefits to working with a VA? It’s a great option for someone just getting their feet wet with expanding their business. Because you can hire a VA for as little as one hour a week, there’s minimal commitment. Plus there’s virtually no start-up costs. We as VAs have our own computers & supplies and unless there is a specific program you want us to use, there is no additional costs passed along to you! 


Want to hear what others have had to say? Allison Barrett Carter & Nikol Murphy from NC Blogger Network shared: 

Bringing Sarah on as our Virtual Assistant has been invaluable for our company.  She has a strong, irreplaceable grasp on social media and how it works, and she has always completed everything we have asked in a timely manner, without mistakes!  But, more than that, Sarah intuitively understands our business and what we need, which means that her VA services go above and beyond what we imagined they could be.  Our business has grown since bringing her on board!


So what are my qualifications? I have both my Bachelor’s degree (Biology) and Master’s degree (Social Work). While these degrees aren’t necessarily directly related, I was able to take classes in grant writing, administration, and development which have directly influenced my work. I’ve worked in a variety of administrative roles including in fundraising, marketing, and coordinating. I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for several businesses, including several small businesses, a couple entrepreneurs, a few bloggers, and a commercial real estate agent. 

Let’s get the conversation started today – sarah@joyfullyorganized.com. I would love to chat to see what you’re thinking about (and there’s no commitment!)